About MissHappyBelly

I am a home cook with love of food!  I truly believe good food brings people together and there would be more happiness in the world if everyone ate and shared food together.

I grew up in Korea and Japan, and I moved to US when I was a teenager.  I appreciate my Asian heritage, but I also love exploring and learning other cuisines.  I would love to bridge the gap between different cultures through food. 

I work full time, so it isn't always easy, but I try to make homemade meals whenever I can.  It's also wonderful that my husband appreciates everything I make and he is so supportive with all my efforts that I feel comfortable trying new things, even when they don't turn out well... thanks hubby!

15 things about me:

  1. I moved 15 times by the time I was 18 years old, and I attended 8 different schools by the time I graduated from high school. It's a wonder I turned out (relatively) normal.
  2. Although it was difficult adjusting and always being "the new kid," I'm grateful that I had a unique childhood experience. I'm sure it has helped me become a better person... I hope.
  3. I've always loved food, I will try anything at least once (except certain insects... like cockroaches, ew).
  4. I don't know if I identify with the term "foodie." I'm not always into fine dining. I actually love cheap, commercialized food as well. I also don't appreciate people that make you feel bad for enjoying certain food.
  5. Conversely, it seems that unless you enjoy uni, bone marrow, and offal in general, you are not considered a true food lover, which I don't agree with. As long as you're open to trying different things. By the way, I love all of the above and can't get enough!
  6. I love fast food, and I especially love McDonald's french fries. Even if I've had 9 course chef's tasting menu at Providence, if McDonad's french fries is in front of me, I won't be able to stop eating.
  7. My mom is a great homecook, but she didn't teach me anything until fairly recently. She never let me in the kitchen growing up.
  8. Even though I love to cook, I still haven't told my mom just how much I love to cook. She prided herself on raising a daughter that was a working professional, and I'm afraid she will be somewhat disappointed if she finds out I acutally like to spend time in the kitchen.
  9. First time I met my husband, I liked his smile. Second time I met him, I knew he was "the one." We were married on the anniversary of our first date, exactly one year later.
  10. I had no idea how hard marriage is!
  11. Savory over sweets, hands down. I rarely crave sweets, but I crave a bag of chips all the time. I can finish a bag of Doritos, no problem.
  12. I used to drink a lot, but have cut back since I've gotten older. I used to prefer vodka, but now I like drinking wine (red).
  13. I love to travel! Walking around a new neighborhood in a new city is my favorite thing to do, but I miss being home almost immediately.
  14. The minute I get back home, I can't wait to travel again.
  15. If I can have any superpower, it would be that I can eat anything I want, any quantity I want, and never gain a pound. Being able to fly would be pretty awesome too!

I hope to continue cooking, eating, and sharing good food.  Anyone who loves food is welcome!  Thanks for stopping by.