Donut Snob

Donut Snob

For my first "Everything Else" blog entry, I decided to write about something everrrryone loves.  Donuts!!

I first heard about Donut Snob through instagram (as with most everything!).  I saw it on my friend's feed, and it looked so delicious, I wanted to lick my phone screen.

I soon found out that Donut Snob is not a store per se, but rather a delivery operation based in Echo Park.  Either you buy it at a café/coffee shop that carries it, or you order delivery for yourself.  There are a handful of coffee shops that sell Donut Snob in LA area, so I decided to go to one as soon as I can.  The one closest to me was Kofax, located in Hollywood.

The first day off happened to be the Friday before Labor Day weekend.  After lunch, I decided it would be the perfect time for me to get some.  What a BIG MISTAKE that was.

First of all, Friday before a 3day weekend?  In LA??  Even though it was only 2pm, the 10 fwy was a parking lot.  Worse, once I got off the fwy, the surface streets in Hollywood were jam packed.  By this point, only the thought of a delicious donut kept me going, and when I got to Kofax, imagine my devastation when I found out the Donuts were all sold out for the day!  They told me that they usually sell out by the afternoon, and to come back earlier next time.  *cries*

So that is when I decided to just order some to be delivered to my place.  Donuts are 3 dollars each, and the minimum order is a dozen for delivery with an additional 10 dollar delivery fee.  If you're good in math, I'm sure you'd realize it is 46 dollars to have a dozen donuts delivered to your home, which is A LOT for donuts.  Heck, I paid $12 for a dozen donuts last time at King's Hawaiian.

After some debating, the day before a family get together, I decided to order my dozen.  A lady answered the phone, and was very helpful with the order.  They require 1hour window, but I told them anytime between 10 am and 12 pm the next day would be fine.

They got to my place exactly at 10am, and this is how it looked like:


I ordered an assortment of flavors, and I could not wait to try them later.  My hands were positively itching.

I ended up trying different flavors, and my favorite was the Razzy Lemon Lulu.  So yummy.  I also liked the Salted Caramel and Rise&Shine.  The donuts were very soft and fresh, and the flavors were distinct.

Is it worth the money?  I'm not sure... but I'm definitely happy I had a chance to try them.  I don't think I'll be ordering again anytime soon, but I was one happy camper trying them out.

This is the link to their website:

Happy eats!

 Click here to go to this store's Yelp page for more info.