Eating Nakzi, Stir-Fried

Stir-Fried Nakzi

Nakzi is Korean for baby octopus. Korean people eat it grilled, stewed, even alive. Live octopus is a popular dish in Korea, but I don't know that it has caught on in the States yet.

Sweet and Spicy Pork

Sweet and Spicy Pork

Korean people love pork! There are so many pork based dishes in Korean food.

Today, I made spicy stir-fried pork dish called jae-yuk-bokkum.

Light and Fluffy Steamed Egg

Korean Steamed Egg

Steamed egg is my dad's favorite banchan. He will happily eat a meal with just rice, kimchi, and steamed egg.

Flipping pancakes, Korean style - Recipe

Korean Pancake

Korean people have their own version of a pancake, but it's not eaten for breakfast, it's not sweet, and it's definitely not eaten with maple syrup.

Mini Kimbap - Recipe

Mini Kimbap

I've always loved mini kimbaps.  They're cute to look at, fun to eat, and for some reason, more delicious than the regular sized ones.  I love all things mini-sized!

Tofu Kimchi - Recipe

Tofu Kimchi

Kimchi is the most ubiquitous banchan in Korean cuisine.  I'm sure if you're even remotely interested in Korean food or culture, you've heard of how it isn't just food for Korean people, but a source of national pride and heritage. 

Braised Tofu (Banchan) - Recipe

Braised Tofu

On a weeknight, a quick banchan can be a lifesaver.  Even though we usually have some pre-made banchan in the refrigerator, I always try to add at least one freshly made banchan to our dinner.

Tteok Mandoo Udon Soup - Recipe

Tteok Mandoo Udon Soup

Today, I decided to make a one pot dinner with some items in the freezer.  My mom's friend had given us some homemade mandoo (won ton) so I had been wanting to make a dish out of it, and I knew we had some udon noodles and fish cakes, so I decided to make a hot pot wi

Dol Sot Bibimbap - Recipe

Dol Sot Bibimbap

Tonight, I decided to make dol-sot-bibimbap, which is bibimbap cooked in a stone pot.  The stone pot retains heat so that the dish continues to stay hot long after it's taken off the heat, and the heat cooks the rice extra crispy on the bott

Seasoned Soybean Sprouts and Spinach (Banchan) - Recipe

Seasoned Soybean Sprouts and Spinach

Korean food wouldn't be Korean food without banchan. For those of you that are not familiar, banchan refers to the little side dishes that accompany every Korean meal, everything from kimchi to seaweed.