Visiting Japan - Things To Do in Tokyo

Visiting Japan - Things To Do in Tokyo

As much as I enjoyed eating my way through Tokyo, we actually did some sightseeing as well.

One of the most popular destinations is Asakusa.  Sensoji Temple is inside, and along the way, there are many, many snack stands and souvenir stores.  The day we went, there were SO many people!  We also saw adorable little girls dressed in traditional Japanese wear.  So cute!

You also can't miss Tsukiji fish market, especially if you are a sushi lover.  I've been to Tsukiji on my last visit, but it was my husband's first time.  Where else can you have sushi for breakfast?  If sushi at 9am is not your thing, you can stroll around and watch the open market (the auction is much earlier in the morning and only open to a limited number of people).  Be careful at the busy fish market!  There are many vehicles that can mow you down.  I believe it is moving to a new location in 2016, so it's good to see how it is now while you have a chance.

A nice park in Tokyo is the Ueno Park.  It is beautiful when it's cherry blossom season, but unfortunately we were there in fall.  Luckily, it's nice to look at the trees and enjoy the open park anytime of the year.  Easily accessible via subway.

One of my favorite areas is Shibuya, and you'll be amazed at how there is order among chaos.  There are SO many people walking around at all times, but at night, it's a sight to see.  Hundreds of people cross the famous Shibuya corssing every time, and from afar, the stream of people look like ants marching along and disappearing into the high rises and neon lights.  If you know the story of Hachiko (the famously loyal dog that waited for his owner at the train station everyday for nine years after the owner's death), you will want to visit the Hachiko exit which is one of the many exits at Shibuya station.  you can take a picture with the statue of the famous dog and enjoy people watching as there is always a large crowd of people hanging out by the statue.

Shibuya is also a great place to shop since it has a couple of department stores that cater to a younger crowd.  Shibuya 109 is probably the most famous, since it sells very trendy fashion attire, and it's located in the heart of Shibuya.  There are also unique department stores like Tokyu Hands and Don Quijote.  They sell lots of items that you can only see in Japan, and I highly recommend browsing through these stores.  Don Quixote sells everything from sex toys to quality Japanese whiskey, so how can you miss that? 

Another department store that I would recommend is Ito-ya, which sells all things related to stationery. The main location is in Ginza, and you can spend hours in this store.  There are so many quality handmade items dedicated to the art of writing, which seems like a lost art in the age of computer and emails.  Even if you haven't written a letter since 1999, it's worth stopping by.  You would be amazed at some of the beautiful and intricate handwork.

Some areas I'd also recommend in Tokyo is Omotesando for upscale stores and coffee shops, Harajuku for trendy and hard to find clothing stores while you people watch, and Akihabara for electronics and anime.  Something interesting for food lovers is Kappabashi-dori, which is a street in Tokyo that has food supply stores and stores dedicated to fake food, which has been elevated to an art form.  The list can go on and on, but best way is to just go visit!  Japan is an amazing country, and Tokyo is the center of it all.  Hope you love it as much as we did!

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