Where to Eat in Seattle

Where to Eat in Seattle

When one hears Seattle, you think of seafood! It is the epicenter of Pacific Northwest, where fresh oysters abound, and seafood of all sorts is displayed prominently at the Pike Place Market.

We went to several little eateries in Pike Place Market, and I wrote about our experience here.

As for restaurants, we visited several that focused on seafood. Our favorite restaurant for fresh oysters was definitely Walrus and the Carpenter.

We were in line for their happy hour that is from 4-6pm Mon-Thurs, and we took full advantage of their happy hour price. The oysters were SO fresh, it might be the best oysters I have ever had.

We also had their fried oysters, which I wasn't a fan until I had it at Walrus and the Carpenter. Also try their steak tartare. You'll be glad you're not a vegetarian.

For a different cuisine, Il Corvo was the best italian food I've had outside of Italy . Open only during lunch hours Mon-Fri, the food felt so authentic Italian, it was a treat to eat there. Affordable prices, efficient service, and fantastic food. What is not to like?

Our most indulgent dinner in Seattle was hands down Altura. It might be our most indulgent dinner, ever. Since we were also celebrating our 3rd anniversary, we felt we could be decadent and have their chef's tasting menu with wine pairing.

All told, there were 12 courses, and the food was absolutely amazing.

Caviar was the first course.  Next was grassfed beef crudo with quail's egg yolk.  Both were delicate, meticulous, and delicious.  

 Third course was kampachi that was smoked with madrona wood.  Beautiful presentation with smoke visible in a little glass dome that they open right before the dish is revealed.

Fritto misto was the fourth dish.  Followed by my favorite, abalone with sweet garlic, vegetables, burnt honey, and corn.  The sweet garlic was something I had never tasted before, delicious!  Risotto with black truffles followed, and I have to say, the truffles were not even necessary, it was so good without it.

Next was filone with black truffle in it, along with short ribs tortellini.  Can you imagine having black truffle in bread?  Brilliant!  The finale of the chef's tasting menu was the wagyu beef that was melt in your mouth delicious. 

After palate cleansing with granita, the dessert was served.  Semifreddo and affogato was served along with a sweet message written on the plate.

It was indeed a very happy anniversary, and a meal we will not forget very soon.  If you want an indulgent dinner in Seattle, Altura is where to go.  It's intimate without being pretentious, service is impeccable, open kitchen is exciting, and most importantly, the food is incredible.

We also went to a few of the favorites around town.

Some delicious pizza at Serious Pie...

Another oyster extravaganza at Taylor Shellfish Farms...

Fresh baked donut goodness for brunch at Lola... 

Famous sardine toast at Whale Wins....

Seattle lived up to our expectations of being one of the culinary epicenters in US.  Everything we had was delicious, whether it was cheap and fast or extravagant and indulgent.  The most unforgettable aspect was the fresh seafood.  If you're a seafood lover, you must come to Seattle and partake on their offerings.  You will be so glad you did.  I hope to come back soon!  One can never have enough oysters... :)

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